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Add an Eye-Catcher to any Space with Marquee Letter Lights

June 19, 2015 3 min read

The marquee letter light trend is still raging in 2015. Popular as home decor indoors and outdoors, letter lights are incredibly versatile and create a show-stopping, eye-catching addition that gives any room or outdoor area a cool, vintage aesthetic. Due to their infinite possible applications, letter lights allow homeowners to show off their creativity by arranging the lights in unique ways or using them to spell out words that have a special meaning. Letter lights are a creative, multi-faceted addition to any home or event location and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles so individuals can purchase the lights that work best in their space.

Vintage Marquee Letter Lights

Vintage marquee letter lights plug into most standard wall outlets and maintain the trendy antique look reminiscent of old movie theater marquee signs from the early twentieth century. Each letter light is formed out of rusty metal with artificial destruction to enhance their vintage appearance. Letter lights can be used indoors or outdoors and are equipped with screw-in bulbs that are easily replaceable. Marquee letter lights are available in several different sizes: twelve inches, twenty inches, twenty-four inches, or thirty-six inches. The smaller twelve inch Vintage Marquee Light Up Letters, which cost $139.99, are a perfect addition to a home shelf or as part of a child's bedroom decorations to brighten up an otherwise dark corner. The twenty inch A-Z Colored Marquee Light Up Letters are available for $136 each. They are still small enough to easily add to any room in the house and they are available in a variety of colors, including green, coral, turquoise, red, yellow, and blue, to add an extra pop of color or match the home's previously existing color scheme. The larger twenty-four and thirty-six inch Vintage Marquee Light Up Letters are excellent eye-catchers and can be used outdoors at parties to spell out words or messages, such as "Happy birthday!" or "Congratulations!". They are also easily visible from the street so they can be used to clearly mark the location of an event. The twenty-four inch letters are available for $219.99 and the thirty-six inch ones cost $299.99.

White Marquee Letter Lights

Marquee letter lights are also available in a special white gloss style. These Marquee Light Up Letters (White Gloss) come only in the twenty-four inch size and cost $249.99. Due to their bright, delicate appearance, white letter lights are a perfect addition to any wedding decor, especially night-time outdoor weddings where soft lighting serves a vital function. White letter lights are also popular at wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and baby showers.

Greek Marquee Letter Lights

Vintage marquee letter lights do not only come in letters from A-Z. They are also available in the shape of Greek letters, sold in the twenty-four inch size for $279.99. The Greek Letters Icon Vintage Marquee Light Up Letters are in the same rustic style of the standard vintage marquee letter lights. They add a special pop to any space that celebrates the owner's past or current involvement in Greek life. The Greek marquee letter lights are a popular addition to dorm rooms or graduation parties for proud members of sororities or fraternities. However, they can also become a quirky statement piece in any home for those who are nostalgic for their college Greek life.