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How To Convert Creative Ideas Into Custom Marquee Lights

March 28, 2020 2 min read

How To Convert Creative Ideas Into Custom Marquee Lights

The Rusty Marquee has been in this industry for years and by now, we already know what most customers would and would not buy. Although there are seasonal items that sell at certain times of the year, we also have products that customers buy all year round. It is this very reason that we have stock marquee products, a.k.a. “Best Sellers”. 


While these products constantly sell and continue to bring light to major events, yearly trade shows, and special occasions, the demand for custom marquee products are also getting higher. To answer the needs of our growing customers, we step up our game a notch higher and started crafting personalized marquees.


We understand how certain events vary according to the customer’s taste, event details, and the overall theme of the occasion. Over the years, we have created different marquees that made many occasions even more glamorous, colorful, and memorable. 


The steps in customizing marquee lights are not as complicated as most people think. Although each marquee has specific details, our end goal is to craft a marquee that would satisfy our customers. Want to have your custom marquees? Here is a complete guide.


How to request for custom marquee light

  1. Go to our website and send your details like Name, email, zip code
  2. Let us know how you want your marquees to look like including the height, finish, and font type.
  3. Send us an image or a sketch. 
  4. Let us know of the mounting details. Is it back-mounted or freestanding?
  5. How do you intend to use these marquees? Will it be indoors or outdoors?

Give us 1-2 business days to get back to you with a quote including shipping costs, a manufacturing timeline, and any questions we may have to make sure that we bring to life the marquees that you have in mind.


To be honest, there are hundreds of custom-made marquees that we have created, all of which are equally created with love and built with the same level of passion from our well-trained team. We are sharing these marquees for two reasons. First is to showcase these artistic marquee lights and give inspiration to others on how these lights can add beauty either to their homes, businesses, or events without exerting too much effort or wasting much time from their end. Second, we want to acknowledge the hard work of our team who has been doing all these on the back end. Converting these ideas into tangible marquee lights won't be possible without your help.


Take a look at these 5 awesome marquee lights and let us know your best bet.

2-foot stacked OMNI FRISCO in Serif font with White finish
7-foot TASTE in Modern font with Red gloss finish
5-foot PEACE in Modern font with White finish
4-foot LOVE in Modern font with Red finish
8-foot SHAKYKNEES in custom font with White and Red finish