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Achieve A Romantic Ambiance With These Marquee Lights

February 01, 2020 2 min read

Achieve A Romantic Ambiance With These Marquee Lights

February is the most romantic of all the months. Every 14th of February, people around the globe are seen celebrating with flowers, chocolates, and romantic dates. This is to honor St. Valentine who lived in the 3rd century.

Aside from gifts and cheesy love songs, how else can we achieve a romantic vibe in your place? Business owners and those who are managing events place will know the dilemma and excitement of decorating according to the occasion. After all, the overall ambiance will be the make or break in whatever events we are celebrating. We want to help you save time and effort that's why we have carefully chosen these marquee lights that are sure to shower your place with overflowing love to make this day even more special and memorable.

Heart Marquee Symbol
The heart is the universal symbol of love and there is nothing lovelier than having this heart marquee in any part of your place. Dazzle your loved ones and guests with the shimmering glow from these wonderful marquee signs as they light up your room, establishment, or even outdoor patio. For the truly adventurous types, you can even hang this above your pool or rooftop and show the world that your mission is to love and be loved! Opt for the red finish if you’re a hopeless romantic or the pink one to add a feminine touch to your place.


Love Marquee Letters 

These are usually seen at weddings but if you have a restaurant or hosting an event this coming Valentine’s, these tall LOVE marquee can make a huge difference. Shine brighter with our 48" Huge LOVE marquee letter lights in a white gloss finish. If you want to go for a more glamorous look or you have a theme in mind, have it customized according to your liking. Each of our light up letters will fill your event with a sleek and modern style.


12-Inch Vintage Marquee Number
Play along with these 12-inch rustic marquee numbers to create a romantic atmosphere. Our vintage marquee lighted signs turn any occasion into so much more. Impress your guests with a vegas style marquee number and make it an unforgettable night filled with love and light.