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Symbolic and Decorative Marquee Lights To Use For A Wedding

June 11, 2020 2 min read

Symbolic and Decorative Marquee Lights To Use For A Wedding

Just like that, we are almost half of the year. And whenever we hit the month of June, we are reminded how lovely every day of this month is because of the many weddings being held in almost all parts of the globe. While there is no strict date as to when is the best month to tie the knot, being a June bride (and groom) seems to add more romance to the already lovely wedding ceremony.

We take pride in being a part of happenings ranging from trade shows, business conferences, private parties, products launching, and intimate celebrations like weddings. As such, we make sure to provide only the best marquee lights for every occasion.

Sharing with you our top marquee lights that are perfect for all the lovely couples 👰🤵 who will be taking their journey to forever. While all these lights are equally gorgeous, we have personality hand-picked these designs for their symbolism. Have a look and let us know your feedback.

Love Marquee
Our giant 4-foot LOVE marquee letters will add a more romantic vibe on your wedding day. We made this a regular on our product list for that last-minute wedding preparation to have a fabulous setup. And for those who have the time, we can always customize it according to your preferred size, color, and finish. There is no limit as to what marquee lights we can craft so pour in all those creative juices!

Heart Marquee
Heart ❤️ is undoubtedly the most visual representation of love. This 24-inch red heart marquee can be an added design to every guest table or hang it all over the venue and let it lit up with so much love!

Wine Glass Marquee
Now that the ceremony is done, it’s time to celebrate! And for that, we need the perfect backdrop for the wine toast of the newlyweds. This vintage wine glass marquee symbol can easily transform a solemn event into a huge party! Cheers 🥂
As we wish nothing but the best for the groom and bride, we also hope that they will be guided to a happy wedding life. May this arrow marquee sign lead you to the road of forever. Look for signs so you won’t be lost ➡️

We can only hope for happiness and success in marriage for the lovely couple but along the way, there would be struggles that will test the marriage and challenges to test your faith. Just like this ⚓ anchor marquee symbol, we hope you can be each one’s strength while facing a storm. Keep strong and don’t give up on each other.