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Marquee signs have been around for many generations. In the early 20th century, the flashy lights were commonly used outside of entertainment venues, theaters, restaurants and hotels to catch they eye of any potential customers passing by. Their bulbs were big and bright, quick to draw attention and therefore serve their purpose. While once only used within commercial settings, today marquee lights can be found in many places, including the home. Reminiscent of the past, these oversized marquee fixtures help to add light and vintage-inspired charm to any room. Marquee...

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Five Christmas Decorating Ideas For the Stylish Home - Metallic Edition

Home décor trends change from year to year and now holiday décor is following suit. Christmas in particular has become one of the trendiest holidays to celebrate, and traditional, boring Christmas decorating is now a thing of the past. Gone are the days of tacky ornaments, snow globes and garland. As the season rolls around, everyone’s always asking, “What’s new”? While the battle cry for “what’s new” will always persist, the biggest challenge is managing to combine the classics with the fresh. Well, this year we LOVE the all-metallic holiday...

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