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October 16, 2018

5 Ways to Boost Your Business with Holiday Décor

Holiday decorations can be a great marketing tool for any business. For brick-and-mortar stores, proper holiday décor sets a warm and inviting atmosphere which entices people to come in for a look, encourages shopping, and results in an enjoyable in-store experience for customers.

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your own holiday decorations and boost your potential sales.

  1. Stick to the Theme

Avoid the impulse of simply putting up a hodgepodge of decorations. You want to choose a central theme and stick to it so your holiday decorations look professional. 

A classic example would be a White Christmas theme: you could include snowflake décor, maybe some frosting on the windows, and perhaps a marquee light snowman that you can turn on at night for visibility. For a Santa and elves theme, you could include colorful gift boxes and some marquee light candy canes in the decorations.


  1. Decorate Outdoors

A holiday is the perfect reason to place holiday decorations that attract the potential customer’s attention outside your place of business. For outdoor decoration, it’s best to go big and flashy. For example, you can place a tall nutcracker figure near the entrance, or hang a custom waving Santa marquee light sign next to your usual business signage.


  1. Create a Fun Window Display

It’s no secret that the holiday season results in increased foot traffic. Take advantage of that by setting up a unique scene you can display in your window. It’s even better if you can incorporate your products in the scene, but you can also go with a totally holiday themed display. Remember that you want people who stop to look at your window display to actually come into your store, so make sure to provide an incentive for them to come in.


  1. Find Creative Uses for the Decorations

Your decorations can also be used as displays that customers can interact with. For example, you can use a Christmas tree as a display to hold small merchandise or coupons. A snowman or a Santa figure could hold a board where customers can post their holiday greetings.


  1. Save it for Next Year

When planning your decorations for this year’s holidays, keep in mind that they need to come down afterwards, so you’ll want mostly durable ornaments and décor that you can use for next year. Make sure to store the decorations in good quality containers so you don’t have to start over when the next holiday comes around.

October 09, 2018

Why Choose The Rusty Marquee?

Here at The Rusty Marquee, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest quality marquee light products. From multinational companies to local establishments, many businesses have turned to The Rusty Marquee for their signage or design needs. Here are 6 reasons why The Rusty Marquee should be your choice for all your marquee light needs.

  1. Our Extensive Collection

When it comes to marquee lights, you can find almost anything you need from our wide collection of products. Whether you need big 3-foot letters for your next event, or small 12” symbols to set the right ambiance for your establishment, The Rusty Marquee has you covered.

  1. Custom-made just for you

Can’t find the right design? Looking for massive 7-foot letters to make a bold impact? Let us know what you have in mind, and our craftsmen will turn your ideas into reality!

  1. Price Match Guarantee

We want to make sure that our clients feel confident that they’re getting the best price available online. On the off-chance that you find another store offering the same product at a lower price, we will refund you the difference. Just drop us an email with the link to the product within six months of your purchase date and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. For the full terms of our price match guarantee, click here.

  1. Product Quality Guarantee

Our dedicated craftsmen use only the finest metal and other materials to produce our high-quality products. Each and every product we offer is fully guaranteed against any defect upon shipping. For more information on our product quality guarantee, click here.

  1. Easy Returns Process

Maybe there was a sudden change in your event’s name? Perhaps the marquee light you ordered just doesn’t go as well with that coffee table as you imagined? We’ve all been through unexpected situations, and we understand. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us within 30 days of delivery. For more information about our easy returns process, click here.

  1. Free Shipping in the US

Yes, we offer free shipping to any location within the US. Once we receive your order, we will ship the product out as soon as we can. However, if you need your order on a specific date, make sure to let us know. For more information on our shipping policy, click here

October 02, 2018

Say I Do With Style Using Marquee Lights

Your wedding should be the most special day of your life. After all, this is the day when you and your special someone will start the road to forever and exchange I do in front of a crowd. Having said that, it is a must to prepare well for this grand event. Everything should be organized starting from the invitation, entourage, motif, dress, food, and location. For the venue, it will vary according to your theme and taste. Some like it outdoors, either a garden or beach setting, while some would go to the traditional indoor setting. 

Whatever theme you have in mind, The Rusty Marquee has something great to offer every couple. Our meticulously crafted Marquee lights are safe for indoor and outdoor use. It comes in different designs such as letters, numbers, symbols, and can even be customized to fit your motif. Our lights easily turn a boring venue to an Instagram worthy place. Your photos will remind you how the event looks like and we are sure that when you look back, all you want to see is your dream wedding where every corner looks picture perfect. The good news is that this can be achieved! It all depends on how well you design your event’s place, making sure that it is executed as plan.

 Are you still trying to figure out how Marquee lights can help to beautify your venue? Here are some of the Marquee designs you can use to make your wedding venue look more fabulous.


Love Marquee

This L-O-V-E Marquee lights can give 1000 watts of pure love! It makes a good background for photo sessions and can light up your venue while also serving as a wedding decor. Our giant LOVE Marquee is 4 feet tall and has a white gloss finish to match any wedding theme. It already comes with bulbs and setting it up is as easy as ABC!


Heart Marquee

If you are not a big fan of letter lights and would rather have Marquee symbols, then this Heart Marquee is the perfect addition to your wedding venue. We all know that heart symbolizes love and our 24" Heart Vintage Marquee with Red lights would make your venue bursting with so much love!


Marquee Letters

What could be more romantic than decorating your venue with light up letters of your initials? Our pick will be the 24" Gloss White Letter Lights to create a classy ambiance.



Don’t let your guests be lost during this important milestone in your life. Use this Arrow Marquee lights to show them the right direction. Aside from making your wedding organized, this Arrow Vintage Marquee symbol also serves as an added decoration to your venue.

September 25, 2018

5 Simple Tips on Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means opening up your home to friends and family. If you’re worried about preparing your home for the inevitable visits, don’t be. Setting the perfect holiday mood doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 5 simple tips to help you prepare your home for the holiday season.

  1. Start by picking a theme (and stick with it!)

Before you start putting up any décor you can get your hands on, consider settling on a theme or a color scheme first. Pairing gold or silver with classic holiday colors like red or green is a safe bet, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try other colors as well. What matters is that you achieve a consistent look throughout your home.

  1. Pay extra attention to the dinner table

The dinner table is where your guests will be spending most of their time, so you’ll want to take the time and effort to put together a great dining experience. You’ll want to use decorative objects that allow for comfortable conversations between guests across the table, while making sure that there’s enough space for serving platters.

  1. Don’t forget the bathroom

Photo Credit: JSF Store

The bathroom is sure to be a high-traffic zone, so make sure to turn it into a space that will make your guests feel pampered. Place some small flower arrangements on the toilet tank or the vanity. Spend a little extra on special soaps and hand cream. Make sure the hand towels are displayed neatly, and for that extra touch of ambiance, place a scented candle in the bathroom.

  1. Have enough seats for everybody

You’ll want your guests to have plenty of seats where they can comfortably sip their holiday drink while conversing. At the same time, keep in mind that you have to group the seats in a way that will allow everyone to move around easily. Place tables in strategic areas so no one has to worry about where they’ll put down their food or drinks.

  1. Lighten up

To create that warm and cozy atmosphere, turn down your regular lighting and let the holiday lights take over. Add to the festive atmosphere by putting up some custom ornaments, like Vintage Marquee Light Signs from The Rusty Marquee’s holiday collection! You can even ask for a custom made marquee light sign so you can complete that perfect holiday look.


September 18, 2018

3 Ways To Attract Diners with Your Outdoor Restaurant Sign

One of the most difficult challenges that restaurants face is how to attract customers. Think about it: it doesn’t take long for people to look at your restaurant’s sign and decide whether or not they’ll eat at your establishment, right? You’ll have to design your signage to have maximum impact in that short period of time. Here are some tips to do just that:

1. Visibility is Key

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your signage can be seen at all times. This means:
- Go Big: Make your signage as large as possible so it can be easily seen by anyone who’s walking or driving by. You may want to think about using billboards or roadside signs if your restaurant is in an area with a lot of traffic.
- Check the Angles: You’ll want to look out for anything that can block a customer’s view of your signage like trees, passing cars, or even other signs. Consider adding other forms of signage to make sure that your business can be seen from all angles.
- 24/7 Advertising: Use lighted signs to ensure visibility when the sun goes down, and even after you’ve closed up shop. Consider using LED signs which are brighter, visible in direct sunlight, and use less power than old neon signs. Another option is the use of Marquee signs. These light up signs can be customized according to your needs and is also a good way to market your brand.

2. Keep your Text Short and Sweet
Once your signage gets your customers’ attention, you have to think about what you want them to know about your restaurant. You only have a small window of time for this, so you’ll want to keep your message at 10 words or less. Here are some ideas on what to put on your sign:
- Say something witty about your restaurant. It doesn’t matter how corny that food pun sounds, customers will always appreciate a sense of humor.
- Tell them about your history. Seeing that your business has been open “since 1974” can help you stand out.
- Ask for a follow on social media. This will also let customers know that you’re online so they can easily check your restaurant out.
If you can’t make up your mind, then you may want to consider an adaptable sign like a chalkboard. You’ll be able to change the message anytime you like to keep it up to date.

3. Post your menu outside
Of course, you don’t want to lose potential customers because they can’t browse through the menu. You’ll want to post a free-standing menu holder in an easily accessible location.
- Use larger fonts to make the menu easy for anyone to read.
- If you can’t fit the whole menu, just promote your signature dishes so customers will have a sense of what your restaurant offers.
- Be sure to include some traditional favorites for less adventurous diners.

September 13, 2018

The Instagrammable World of Maison St~Germain

There is no denying that Maison St~Germain is one of the most Intagrammble events to date. St~Germain is a high-end liqueur and is made from elderflower that blooms every spring and summer. St~Germain is produced in an artisanal manner, with flowers being gathered from the hillsides in the French Alps. Thus, there is no surprise that each bottle gives off a  floral flavor.

On its second year, Maison St~Germain collaborated with no other than the A-list fashion stylist, Kate Young. Young is one of the most in-demand Hollywood stylists. She is known to connect women she dresses up with some of the most prestigious fashion brands.

Carly Cushnie and Kate Young

Photo Credit: vogue.com

This time, Kate was tasked not to dress up anyone but was in charge of the wild garden where Maison St~Germain party was held. When asked by Vogue how she is planning to design the party venue, she was quick to answer that her first step is to make a mood board. She wanted a Roaring Twenties, Surrealist-inspired theme.

And the result is a well-lighted Marquee sign embedded in wild grass with thousands of flowers below it. This makes a good background for taking photos.

Photo Credit: vogue.com

The Maison St~Germain event was attended by famous celebrities and fashion enthusiasts and was making rounds all over social media. Everyone who attended was all glam up which made the event even more fabulous!

Do you know that the Rusty Marquee was the one responsible for the Marquee letter lights for this iconic event? These are made from our standard 12" rust letters with bulbs upgraded to G40 or the round bulbs and a customized tilde. 

The 12" tall Marquee letters with authentic rust finish can be linked to up to 5 signs with just one plug. No technical know-how required and all you have to do is to spot a perfect place to hang your Marquees or even let it stand! These lights can be safely used both indoors and outdoors. 

A garden filled with flowers, disco balls, and light up letters compliment each other to create a gorgeous and classy venue that lives up to the name of St~Germain.

(actual photo from the Rusty Marquee as shared by one of our customers)

Our Marquee lights were used on the flower wall that gives off a source of warm light. It created a rustic vibe that blends harmoniously with the flowers and greens. 

The perfectly installed Marquee signs were pleasing to the eyes and guests can't help but take their photos with these gorgeous light signs! We all know how powerful social media nowadays and St~Germain definitely knows how to market their brand. And with all these photos being shared on Instagram instantly boosts St~Germain as a brand!

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Malibu soirée 💋

A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on

So the next time you plan your event, think of ways on how you can maximize your resources and make your event known to everyone. The trick is to come up with a really nice backdraft that is worth sharing on social media. And having Marquee lights to make your events trend is always a bright idea!  

September 06, 2018

5 Ways To Get Noticed at Your Next Event With Marquee Signage

One of the best ways to connect with new clients or customers is by showing up at events like trade shows and festivals. However, with the popularity of these events, it can be a challenge to even catch people’s attention and actually get your message across.

As experts in marquee signage, our job is to make sure that your business stands out so you can focus on what’s important: getting new customers.

Here are 5 ways you can use marquee signage to make sure that your brand gets noticed:

  1. Put your logo on the roof

The most important part of your branding is your logo, so make sure it’s placed where everyone can see it: the roof! Make sure you stand out from the sea of plain, one-color roofs and get noticed from even the other side of the event!

Here at The Rusty Marquee, we like to give clients the best value for their money, so we use a high-quality printing process that makes sure your roof design stays vivid and clear for a long time.

  1. Place your business name on the valance

When potential customers start coming up to your marquee, the first thing they’ll need to know is who they’re dealing with. Up close, the valance is the perfect spot to put your business name. This will make it easy for people to look up and get in touch with your business.

  1. Use the sides and back of the marquee as advertising space

Even before people enter your marquee, you can let them know all about your product! You can place high-resolution images of your product, or maybe some text on how much value your product can add to your customers. The more information you can provide them, the better chance that people are drawn in to find out more.

  1. Customize the marquee signage to suit the event

We know that different events call for different sales messages, so we designed our marquee sides to be easily removable and replaceable! As you go into different markets, our easily replaceable sides will let you address their specific concerns, and help you get more sales in the process.

  1. Get a branded table cover to match your marquee signage

To take your branding one step further, consider getting a branded table cover to add a unifying theme to the overall look of your marquee. You can use these to display your products or other promotional materials, or as a shop front.


Have you tried any of these tips before? How did they work out for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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