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April 06, 2016


Marquee signs have been around for many generations. In the early 20th century, the flashy lights were commonly used outside of entertainment venues, theaters, restaurants and hotels to catch they eye of any potential customers passing by. Their bulbs were big and bright, quick to draw attention and therefore serve their purpose. While once only used within commercial settings, today marquee lights can be found in many places, including the home. Reminiscent of the past, these oversized marquee fixtures help to add light and vintage-inspired charm to any room. Marquee lights have quickly become the latest craze, and they don’t look to be losing their stylish appeal any time soon. For that reason, the amount and variety of decorative marquee pieces to choose from is enormous, making it easy to find what works best for your individual space.

We’ve pulled together a short list of how to master this year’s hottest home trend, because more than a mere light; they can add instant glamour and chicness to any space. Here are five simple ways to make the most of marquee lights within your home decor!


Forget the boring, traditional script of monogram lettering and use a single or multiple marquee lights to represent your first or last name. Celebrate your initials as a couple in your first apartment, a newborn baby’s initials in the nursery or use a single letter to highlight your surname in the family room. These lights can be hung on walls, rested on shelves or really anywhere that you can think of. If you’re feeling extra creative, mix colors and sizes.


Marquee letters are a type of decoration that can be used all year round to complement a room’s decor. Use marquee lights to play up a space and its purpose. This is one of the most popular ways to use marquee lights, as it really helps to bring a whole room together while adding a touch of flare. For example, spell out the word CLEAN or WASH in the bathroom, COOK or EAT in the kitchen or RELAX in the TV room. A space such as the home office could also benefit from such a decorative feature. This strategy allows you to look for ways to customize letters and shapes so that they express your own style. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination!


For a classy and sentimental way to use marquee lights, use letters to spell out words that are meaningful to you. Spell out LOVE or FAMILY or LAUGH. In the past, this has commonly been done through sticky wall decals, but marquee lights help to add a bolder, edgier look. Think about it, it would be hard to utter an unhappy word during a family meal with a bright statement such as this one below overhead. Remember, it’s all about being creative!


Use a large shape or symbol marquee light as a statement piece within the home. Really, this could work within any room, but could really bring some extra style to a playroom, den or bar. Above the bar, over the sofa or on a fireplace mantle are all great places to add a focal point, but marquee lights can fit nicely in many different types of spaces and looks.


Although marquee lights can certainly be used year round, they can also be used to decorate for festive events and get-togethers. Bridal showers, anniversary parties or holiday parties are all great ideas. Marquee letters can easily be themed in order to suit a certain holiday or event. For example, use hearts and spell out LOVE for a Valentines Day party, or use stars and spell out NOEL for the Christmas season. If it’s an anniversary party you’re throwing, a simple numeral design would be cute.

Vintage marquee signs recreate glamour with alphabet letter lights or shapes, featuring decorative globe bulbs and a beautiful distressed finish. There’s a huge variety of signs to choose from that will compliment any look you’re going for. Use them as art, or use them as mood lighting. Whether they are turned on or unplugged, marquee signs add a unique, vintage touch to any room.

The Rusty Marquee is a small, family owned business located in the heart of Washington, DC. The Rusty Marquee specializes in metal letters, signs, decor, art, and pretty much anything metal with lights and a bit of rust. Most Marquee letter shops carry only one style of lights. The Rusty Marquee came together to bring various collections to fit any style need. Their shining letters, numbers, and symbols bring instant warmth, charm, and soul into a space. Each light is brand new, but glowing with nostalgia.

November 04, 2015

Five Christmas Decorating Ideas For the Stylish Home - Metallic Edition

Home décor trends change from year to year and now holiday décor is following suit. Christmas in particular has become one of the trendiest holidays to celebrate, and traditional, boring Christmas decorating is now a thing of the past. Gone are the days of tacky ornaments, snow globes and garland.

As the season rolls around, everyone’s always asking, “What’s new”? While the battle cry for “what’s new” will always persist, the biggest challenge is managing to combine the classics with the fresh. Well, this year we LOVE the all-metallic holiday décor trend that’s popping up around US cities. The look is modern, classy and super chic.

With silvers, golds, coppers and champagnes that make any room pop (pun intended), decorating your home with these haute holiday hues will make it anything but conventional. Metallic also serves as a fabulous base color that looks great with any added splash of color (for those of you that just can’t get yourself to completely stray away from the classic reds and greens).

This trend doesn’t look to be losing its appeal any time soon, so the amount and variety of decorative pieces to choose from is enormous. Aside from shiny ornaments, think large-scale items, too. We’ve pulled together a short list of must-have items for mastering this year’s newest holiday home trend. By combining several of these ideas, you’ll be sure to create an atmosphere that will wow your family and guests.

Christmas Metallics

Bronze your Christmas lights

This is a simple way to freshen up old Christmas lights by adding an extra touch of glam and glitz. This can easily and inexpensively be done at home with spray paint and can of course be changed from year to year. We suggest a beautiful deep gold to really stand out on the tree or around the house.

Mercury glass accessories

Mercury glass is HUGE within the holiday trends this year. Vases, picture frames, candle votives and, of course, ornaments, will really help to add a touch of class to any room.

Metallic wrapping paper

Wrap up your gifts this year in luxe, metallic hues. Metallic hues have really expanded over the years, creating numerous options, and will ensure a brilliant presentation that really ties together (again, pun intended) the whole look.

Plenty of white and candlelight

To help balance the metallic hues, add in lots of white décor and candles. This will really create additional shine and help strong accent pieces stand out more. The overall look will be clean and elegant.

Vintage marquee lights (our favorite!)

Marquee lights are as popular as ever and can have really made a splash within holiday décor. A variety of shapes and words allow for endless possibilities. Our favorite for the Christmas holiday season is the classic star. We suggest using several in different sizes to add contrast and dimension.

Vintage marquee signs recreate glamour with alphabet letter lights or shapes, featuring decorative globe bulbs and a beautiful distressed finish. Mount them to a wall or stand them on a mantel, shelf or any flat surface to turn your favorite initials, words and symbols into illuminating designs! There’s a huge variety of signs to choose from that will compliment any look you’re going for.

Gone can be the days of tacky colored lights in your front yard.  Almost every single light we sell is approved for outdoor use.  Make your front yard a winter wonderland, spreading holiday cheer with words like Peace, Love, or Merry Christmas.

A few ways to style them:

  • As a single focal point on the wall.
  • In a gallery grouping of framed art or prints.
  • Leaning casually against a wall or on a dresser, tabletop or shelf.
  • Grouped together to spell out a name, initials or a message.
  • Grouped together randomly (letters and shapes!) on your front porch or lawn.

Use them as art or use them as mood lighting. Whether they are turned on or unplugged, marquee signs add a unique, vintage touch to any room. Come on, who doesn’t want to see their name up in lights?

Marquee signs of all sizes, colors, letters, shapes and numbers can be found on our shop's website: www.therustymarquee.com

Don’t wait to jump on these glamorous holiday decoration pieces.  Our lights have been flying off the shelves!

Holiday Metallics

June 19, 2015

Add an Eye-Catcher to any Space with Marquee Letter Lights

The marquee letter light trend is still raging in 2015. Popular as home decor indoors and outdoors, letter lights are incredibly versatile and create a show-stopping, eye-catching addition that gives any room or outdoor area a cool, vintage aesthetic. Due to their infinite possible applications, letter lights allow homeowners to show off their creativity by arranging the lights in unique ways or using them to spell out words that have a special meaning. Letter lights are a creative, multi-faceted addition to any home or event location and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles so individuals can purchase the lights that work best in their space.

Vintage Marquee Letter Lights

Vintage marquee letter lights plug into most standard wall outlets and maintain the trendy antique look reminiscent of old movie theater marquee signs from the early twentieth century. Each letter light is formed out of rusty metal with artificial destruction to enhance their vintage appearance. Letter lights can be used indoors or outdoors and are equipped with screw-in bulbs that are easily replaceable. Marquee letter lights are available in several different sizes: twelve inches, twenty inches, twenty-four inches, or thirty-six inches. The smaller twelve inch Vintage Marquee Light Up Letters, which cost $139.99, are a perfect addition to a home shelf or as part of a child's bedroom decorations to brighten up an otherwise dark corner. The twenty inch A-Z Colored Marquee Light Up Letters are available for $136 each. They are still small enough to easily add to any room in the house and they are available in a variety of colors, including green, coral, turquoise, red, yellow, and blue, to add an extra pop of color or match the home's previously existing color scheme. The larger twenty-four and thirty-six inch Vintage Marquee Light Up Letters are excellent eye-catchers and can be used outdoors at parties to spell out words or messages, such as "Happy birthday!" or "Congratulations!". They are also easily visible from the street so they can be used to clearly mark the location of an event. The twenty-four inch letters are available for $219.99 and the thirty-six inch ones cost $299.99.

White Marquee Letter Lights

Marquee letter lights are also available in a special white gloss style. These Marquee Light Up Letters (White Gloss) come only in the twenty-four inch size and cost $249.99. Due to their bright, delicate appearance, white letter lights are a perfect addition to any wedding decor, especially night-time outdoor weddings where soft lighting serves a vital function. White letter lights are also popular at wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and baby showers.

Greek Marquee Letter Lights

Vintage marquee letter lights do not only come in letters from A-Z. They are also available in the shape of Greek letters, sold in the twenty-four inch size for $279.99. The Greek Letters Icon Vintage Marquee Light Up Letters are in the same rustic style of the standard vintage marquee letter lights. They add a special pop to any space that celebrates the owner's past or current involvement in Greek life. The Greek marquee letter lights are a popular addition to dorm rooms or graduation parties for proud members of sororities or fraternities. However, they can also become a quirky statement piece in any home for those who are nostalgic for their college Greek life.

May 18, 2015

Summer Parties: Brilliant Ways to Brighten your Parties

The warm summer weather has a way of putting one in the mood of partying. Outdoor parties are popular at this time.  What better a season to get out and enjoy life. You can plan that company picnic you have been postponing or that barbecue with your family and friends. Whichever the case, a get together will not be complete without a party that is well decorated. The following are brilliant ideas on how you can play around when painting a summer party.

Tree Party

This is ideal if you are holding a party in the woods or under a tree. Put up word signs to show directions and it will also give life to the party. For instance, if you are playing the host, you can put up the sign party hosted by Brenda at the entrance or an arrow pointing to where the drinks are located. You can also use symbols to show the bathrooms are or where one can get food with our "EAT" marquee sign. And if it is at night, it would be perfect to use the crescent moon light up symbol marquee light hanging on the trees, it costs only $249.99 and is a stunning touch.

Park Picnic

Customize the park and make it look incredible. Create your unique way of decorating the park. Set aside a section of the park that people can find food and drinks. Put up word signs near the refreshments to show what is on the menu. You can put up the marquee light up numbers for one and under it, the beer marquee letter sign. Under the second number, you can put a word sign showing another type of drink you are serving. The party goers will find it easier to identify a drink on their own instead of asking every time. Surround the area you are throwing the party with marquee letter lights.

Backwoods BBQ Party

There is no summer party like the barbecue. Apart from all the grilled meat and the beer being passed around, the TRM decorations should be outstanding. Use home décor lights to bring the homely feeling. Marquee letter lights will be perfect for this occasion. Use it to show your guests where to get pork or meat so that there wouldn’t be any confusion. Use the marquee neon signs at the place the music is playing.

Baby Shower

There is nothing as perfect as having a baby shower outdoors. You can use the marquee numbers to show the number of months one is pregnant.  You can get the word LOVE to show just how big your heart is.  These marquee lights aren't just for the party, they can be given as gifts to the soon-to-be mommy to decorate her child's room as a night light.  Just don't forget to purchase the dimmer!


April 21, 2015

Beautiful Love Marquee Letter Light Sign

As a parent, you want to surprise your teen with a unique letter light. As a party planner, you want to create a one-in-a-lifetime event people will always remember. As a company owner, you want to outsmart your competitors and promote your company as a professional. Letter light signs have become a very popular method to promote a company, as they are easy to install, inexpensive and come in a wide variety of designs. Our product is perfect in all instances.

Our Love Marquee Letter Light Sign available here is one of the best methods to market your brand and get your customers’ attention, to decorate your home or to give a special look to your event.

LOVE Marquee Lighted Sign

Why Marquee Letter Light Sign?

When compared to sign boxes, letter signs provide a greater flexibility of design, offering a much more dramatic appearance. One of the biggest benefits of using letter signs is the limitless range of fonts and colors available. You can practically personalize your own sign in order to appeal to your target public.

Our love marquee sign has appeared on shopping & retail centers, office buildings, banks, restaurants and party venues. You get to choose from various colors, including but not limited to white, yellow, blue or turquoise. You can also choose between Shabby Chic and Distressed.

Reasons to Buy Our Marquee Love Sign

If you have not yet made up your mind, here are some reasons to help you decide ordering this sign today.

- Free Shipping: when you order this product, you will get it without having to pay additional packing/shipping costs.

- Save Big: instead of $187, you only have to pay $144. This is a special offer that won’t be here for long.

 - Handmade in the USA: made only with high-quality materials that withstand pressure and can last a lifetime. Because it is handmade in our metal workers factory, it takes up to 6 weeks to produce.

- Impressive: this sign can help you impress your guests, clients or family members. You can use it to decorate the bedroom or your teen, as a wedding decoration, as a bar sign, as a party welcome sign, at a corporate event, at a showroom or as a pool/patio lighting. You can also use it to promote your company. If you love your business, your customers will also love it.

- Unparalleled Customer Service: we offer top notch customer service. We are always with you during the process. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

See all our deals by heading back to The Rusty Marquee's homepage and choose the right light letters or neon sculptures for your needs.

March 24, 2015

All New @ The Rusty Marquee: Crescent Moon Marquee Light Up Symbol

It has finally arrived! Take a peek at our all new Crescent Moon Marquee Symbol Light!  We are thrill to be carrying this stunning and sophisticated marquee light.  Perfect as rustic living room decor, as a nightlight in a simple nursery, or over your bed to make you feel like you're looking up at the sky as you fall asleep.

Though the night was made for loving,
   And the day returns too soon,
Yet we'll go no more a roving
   By the light of the moon.
-George Gordon
March 23, 2015

Home Bar Design Ideas Brought To You By The Rusty Marquee

It is every man’s dream to have an at home bar; A fun addition to a renovated space, providing a great area for entertaining family and friends.

With the growing popularity of the “Man Cave” and at home basement bars, we decided to fill you in on some design secrets on how to add a bar to your finished basement or “Man Cave”.

First off, some may be asking what exactly is a man cave?  Well, Urban Dictionary defines a man cave as the following:

“A room, space, corner or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person to be in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to work, play, involve himself in certain hobbies, activities without interruption. This area is usually decorated by the male that uses it without interference from any female influence.”

So in turn, this post is for the men.  No women allowed here.

Back to the design of your very own bar. Just like any other room in your house, your man cave bar design should reflect your personal style. Most men will say their style is sports (is that even a style?), but there are also those who enjoy the finer things in life. If your taste is elegant and classic, you may want to consider dark, rich woods with a marble countertop. Throw in some sophisticated leather stools to take it one step further. This type of bar can be accented with rich paint colors like red, deep purple, or ivory. Bar shelves should include a multitude of cocktail glasses and top shelf liquor.

Men who identify "sports" as their style, will most likely have a drastically different idea of an at home bar. A wet bar within a game room is a typical choice for many homes. Include a pool table, a place to play card games, and a ping pong table to put the games in your gaming room. Add a 60” flat screen and your favorite sports team memorabilia to create a space for everyone to come and watch the big game.

Now with all this manly awesomeness around, you are going to need something to help your bar really shine.  For this, we give you the Bar Marquee Letter Light Sign. Nothing is better than this rustic masculine script bar sign for setting the mood with a lighting design that gives your at home bar the extra light it deserves.