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Summer Parties: Brilliant Ways to Brighten your Parties

May 18, 2015 2 min read

The warm summer weather has a way of putting one in the mood of partying. Outdoor parties are popular at this time.  What better a season to get out and enjoy life. You can plan that company picnic you have been postponing or that barbecue with your family and friends. Whichever the case, a get together will not be complete without a party that is well decorated. The following are brilliant ideas on how you can play around when painting a summer party.

Tree Party

This is ideal if you are holding a party in the woods or under a tree. Put up word signs to show directions and it will also give life to the party. For instance, if you are playing the host, you can put up the sign party hosted by Brenda at the entrance or an arrow pointing to where the drinks are located. You can also use symbols to show the bathrooms are or where one can get food with our "EAT" marquee sign. And if it is at night, it would be perfect to use the crescent moon light up symbol marquee light hanging on the trees, it costs only $249.99 and is a stunning touch.

Park Picnic

Customize the park and make it look incredible. Create your unique way of decorating the park. Set aside a section of the park that people can find food and drinks. Put up word signs near the refreshments to show what is on the menu. You can put up the marquee light up numbers for one and under it, the beer marquee letter sign. Under the second number, you can put a word sign showing another type of drink you are serving. The party goers will find it easier to identify a drink on their own instead of asking every time. Surround the area you are throwing the party with marquee letter lights.

Backwoods BBQ Party

There is no summer party like the barbecue. Apart from all the grilled meat and the beer being passed around, the TRM decorations should be outstanding. Use home décor lights to bring the homely feeling. Marquee letter lights will be perfect for this occasion. Use it to show your guests where to get pork or meat so that there wouldn’t be any confusion. Use the marquee neon signs at the place the music is playing.

Baby Shower

There is nothing as perfect as having a baby shower outdoors. You can use the marquee numbers to show the number of months one is pregnant.  You can get the word LOVE to show just how big your heart is.  These marquee lights aren't just for the party, they can be given as gifts to the soon-to-be mommy to decorate her child's room as a night light.  Just don't forget to purchase the dimmer!