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Five Christmas Decorating Ideas For the Stylish Home - Metallic Edition

November 04, 2015 3 min read

Five Christmas Decorating Ideas For the Stylish Home - Metallic Edition

Home décor trends change from year to year and now holiday décor is following suit. Christmas in particular has become one of the trendiest holidays to celebrate, and traditional, boring Christmas decorating is now a thing of the past. Gone are the days of tacky ornaments, snow globes and garland.

As the season rolls around, everyone’s always asking, “What’s new”? While the battle cry for “what’s new” will always persist, the biggest challenge is managing to combine the classics with the fresh. Well, this year we LOVE the all-metallic holiday décor trend that’s popping up around US cities. The look is modern, classy and super chic.

With silvers, golds, coppers and champagnes that make any room pop (pun intended), decorating your home with these haute holiday hues will make it anything but conventional. Metallic also serves as a fabulous base color that looks great with any added splash of color (for those of you that just can’t get yourself to completely stray away from the classic reds and greens).

This trend doesn’t look to be losing its appeal any time soon, so the amount and variety of decorative pieces to choose from is enormous. Aside from shiny ornaments, think large-scale items, too. We’ve pulled together a short list of must-have items for mastering this year’s newest holiday home trend. By combining several of these ideas, you’ll be sure to create an atmosphere that will wow your family and guests.

Christmas Metallics

Bronze your Christmas lights

This is a simple way to freshen up old Christmas lights by adding an extra touch of glam and glitz. This can easily and inexpensively be done at home with spray paint and can of course be changed from year to year. We suggest a beautiful deep gold to really stand out on the tree or around the house.

Mercury glass accessories

Mercury glass is HUGE within the holiday trends this year. Vases, picture frames, candle votives and, of course, ornaments, will really help to add a touch of class to any room.

Metallic wrapping paper

Wrap up your gifts this year in luxe, metallic hues. Metallic hues have really expanded over the years, creating numerous options, and will ensure a brilliant presentation that really ties together (again, pun intended) the whole look.

Plenty of white and candlelight

To help balance the metallic hues, add in lots of white décor and candles. This will really create additional shine and help strong accent pieces stand out more. The overall look will be clean and elegant.

Vintage marquee lights (our favorite!)

Marquee lights are as popular as ever and can have really made a splash within holiday décor. A variety of shapes and words allow for endless possibilities. Our favorite for the Christmas holiday season is the classic star. We suggest using several in different sizes to add contrast and dimension.

Vintage marquee signs recreate glamour with alphabet letter lights or shapes, featuring decorative globe bulbs and a beautiful distressed finish. Mount them to a wall or stand them on a mantel, shelf or any flat surface to turn your favorite initials, words and symbols into illuminating designs! There’s a huge variety of signs to choose from that will compliment any look you’re going for.

Gone can be the days of tacky colored lights in your front yard.  Almost every single light we sell is approved for outdoor use.  Make your front yard a winter wonderland, spreading holiday cheer with words like Peace, Love, or Merry Christmas.

A few ways to style them:

  • As a single focal point on the wall.
  • In a gallery grouping of framed art or prints.
  • Leaning casually against a wall or on a dresser, tabletop or shelf.
  • Grouped together to spell out a name, initials or a message.
  • Grouped together randomly (letters and shapes!) on your front porch or lawn.

Use them as art or use them as mood lighting. Whether they are turned on or unplugged, marquee signs add a unique, vintage touch to any room. Come on, who doesn’t want to see their name up in lights?

Marquee signs of all sizes, colors, letters, shapes and numbers can be found on our shop's website: www.therustymarquee.com

Don’t wait to jump on these glamorous holiday decoration pieces.  Our lights have been flying off the shelves!

Holiday Metallics