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Put Your Name In Lights

February 20, 2015 2 min read

At one point or another, most people have dreamed about having their name in lights. Whether it be for one fading moment or a lifetime of glimmer and shine, we are positive it has happened to all of us. Well, now it’s your time, your time to shine. Purchase one of our illuminated light packages and make any combination of letters to be as unique as you are. Our personalized letter light packages range from 2 letters (for initials) to 10 letters (for your full name). Our killer package deals mean that you can chose any words or phrase you want. Best of all, our 24” vintage marquee letter lights come in sans serif font for a more modern feel AND serif font for that vintage typewriter rustic vibe. Whatever style you are into, we supply. Some of our most popular combinations include, LOVE, MR & MRS, BAR, and also initials like J&B which can really give a romantic feel to any home or party (hint hint: a wedding).

Most commonly, our marquee illuminated letters, symbols, and numbers are used as stylish home decor. Marquee Letter Lights have become one of the largest home decor trends of 2015 and it’s easy to see why. They are endlessly versatile and can be used simply as lights or over and over again at parties and events. For restaurants, bars, and large events, our EAT, DRINK, and BAR lighted signs are the highlight of the night. They are a great way to tell your guests, “Hey, this way for drinks!” or purchase an arrow light and say “Hey, that way for food!”. THANK YOU is also another favorite for retail stores. Many stores are illuminating exits with a “Thanks” to give their customers a smile on the way out.

We can create any word in marquee lights.

We can create any name, word, or phrase to perfectly suit your needs. We have recently sent the I LOVE YOU 8 letter light package to a loving boyfriend who will be using them for his proposal. We cannot even imagine the pictures that will come of this beautiful idea and sure to be beautiful engagement. These vintage letter lights will forever be a memory they can keep of their magical day. They can even reuse them to light up the dance floor at their wedding or even in their first son or daughters room as a constant reminder of their love.

Of course, you don’t only have to use our marquee letters for weddings - they look fabulous at any event or in any room. It’s up to you to add them to your life and make your day that much brighter. For any event, any establishment, or any room, we have just the marquee light for you. Shop today for this once in a lifetime opportunity to see your name up in lights!