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Throw Your Own Hollywood Theme Party

February 23, 2015 3 min read

Parties. They are oh so fun but the more you go to them, the more you realize they are all the same. This year, we are big on themes. Creating an alternative world where guests can come an be transported to another time or place. Various occasions in life demands different themes and styles to make each and every one of them special and unique. To make guests feel excited about coming to your even, try themifying your next party. Our first suggestion, which is among the most successful, is the Hollywood Glam theme. 

The Hollywood sign light over the Hollywood Hills has always conveyed the excitement and the grandeur of the Hollywood stars. Being one of the worlds most popular destinations for partying, the Hollywood theme brings any party to life and makes the event a memorable one for you and for your guests. From weddings to corporate celebrations, this theme suits every event.  Who wouldn't want to go Hollywood Glam for the night?

Set The Scene With Marquee Letter Lights

Of course you can find many fun ideas for making your Hollywood Theme party special.  A red carpet is a must, along with velvet ropes, and a hollywood walk of fame, but none of these ideas can provide you with the most iconic display in Hollywood history; the Hollywood Sign in Letter Lights. Style is the main priority when you are planning for Hollywood style party, which is incomplete without marquee letter lights. Here at TheRustyMarquee.com, we offer the widest spectrum of letter lights and home decor letter Lights that are exclusively designed to make you feel like a star and add that extra spark to your party.

Partying with Marquee Letter Lights

A Hollywood style party needs to be very carefully planned, providing special attention to each and every minute detail. The most important aspect of this type of theme is the lights, which if gone wrong, can lead to an underwhelming event. Since the sparkling centerpiece will be the main focus of the party, you should be very cautious about which lights to purchase. You can choose from the wide collection of words, symbols and letter lights to make it the point of focus for every guest. Could you imagine a hollywood themed sweet 16 with the birthday girls name up in lights? The sparkling and glowing of each light will catch the attention of all who see them. At that party, it's you who is the star!

You can choose from 12”, 20”, 24”, 36” letters or between White and Rustic letter lights.  We have the widest collection on the internet and you're sure to find the perfect style to fit your needs and transform your event space into an attention grabbing venue.  Our letter lights and signs create an amazing backdrop for a "photo booth" area of the party where guests can have their pictures taken and cherish the event for years to come.  

Celebrate Like A Movie Star

Movie themed parties are always a success as everyone dreams of spending a day like a superstar. You can enhance their experience putting on a  classic movie, toasting with glasses of  champagne and putting up a marquee word light, special to you. Cursive words, signs, and our customizable word light packages can satisfy your needs and make you put up an amazing show of glam.

Of course, all good parties must come to an end. But, you can make that interesting too. When the guests leave, gift them Hollywood styled gift bags with miniature Champaign bottles, a DVD of a classic Hollywood movie, and the picture they took in front of the your Marquee Letter Light Hollywood Sign!