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Bright Ideas - Marquee Letter Lights, Shining Symbols, & More!

February 10, 2015 2 min read

Picture this: You walk into a room and there is a glowing 3 foot by 3 foot star on the wall. That's going to grab anyones attention; It's going to be a talked about piece for days. Marquee lights can really add that extra something to any room, which is why they're great for special events. If you are getting married and have a LOVE marquee sign hanging at your reception, it will not only look magical in photos but you will also have a great keepsake from your wedding. Most people see marquee signs as something that businesses buy to display but they work great in the home too. What teenage wouldn’t want a light up guitar or heart hanging in their room?

Another vegas style marquee light that kids would love to have in their room would be marquee letter light; they could do their name or just their initials in lights. Marquees letters are great in any room of your house.  The Rusty Marquee offers multiple types of lettering; Vintage Lights or Modern Lights, Serif Lettering or Sans-Serif Lettering. Marquee lights comes in different colors, sizes, and you can customize them, which makes finding the perfect marquee light easy and fast. 

We make it easy to add flare to your home, event, or business by offering marquee signs at many different price points. For example, if you have an in home bar and purchase the BAR sign, it is under one hundred and fifty dollars. What a great deal for a great accent piece, that will be sure to add a nice touch over your liquor selection. Marquee lights aren’t for just businesses anymore, they can go anywhere. If you are looking for new home décor, try a marquee light that say EAT in your kitchen. Get your young daughter a PRINCESS CROWN for her room or even turn your home bar into a saloon with a DOUBLE PISTOL, HORSESHOE, and LONGHORN. There are endless places where you can put a marquee light or sign. So get creative and instead of getting a new lamp for your room, get a marquee light that is fun will give you some extra light and make any room pop!