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Welcome Chinese New Year With A Twist By Using These Marquee Lights

February 03, 2019 1 min read

Welcome Chinese New Year With A Twist By Using These Marquee Lights

Chinese New Year is a grand event recognized not just by the Chinese communities but is widely celebrated around the globe. While a lot of Chinese beliefs are evident on how it is celebrated like dragon dance, Chinese packets, firework displays, filling the table with Chinese foods like dumplings, spring rolls, gelatinous rice cake and of course the longevity noodles and practically designing almost everything with a Red color, we can always add a twist to make this Chinese New Year even more glamorous.

Designing your homes or business space with Marquee lights add a modern touch to recognizing the Chinese New Year. The old fashioned customs are still preserved only that modern finishes have been added. Let us share with you some Marquees you can use this Chinese New Year.

Spell it out
The Rusty Marquee have different letter styles that you can use to spell out the event you are celebrating. Use these 12” vintage modern rust letters to greet your guests in style!

It’s a date
We are all aware how important dates play a vital role in our lives like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, special holidays and that includes Chinese New Year. Welcome 2019 the artistic way by using our 12" Vintage Marquee numbers.

Show them the sign
A customized Marquee pig is a stylish way to welcome the year of the pig with a bang! We have created thousands of designs already and we would be happy to add more masterpiece to our collection. We customized design base on your preference and your needs.