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The Instagrammable World of Maison St~Germain

September 13, 2018 3 min read

The Instagrammable World of Maison St~Germain

There is no denying that Maison St~Germain is one of the most Intagrammble events to date. St~Germain is a high-end liqueur and is made from elderflower that blooms every spring and summer. St~Germain is produced in an artisanal manner, with flowers being gathered from the hillsides in the French Alps. Thus, there is no surprise that each bottle gives off a  floral flavor.

On its second year, Maison St~Germain collaborated with no other than the A-list fashion stylist, Kate Young. Young is one of the most in-demand Hollywood stylists. She is known to connect women she dresses up with some of the most prestigious fashion brands.

Carly Cushnie and Kate Young

Photo Credit: vogue.com

This time, Kate was tasked not to dress up anyone but was in charge of the wild garden where Maison St~Germain party was held. When asked by Vogue how she is planning to design the party venue, she was quick to answer that her first step is to make a mood board. She wanted a Roaring Twenties, Surrealist-inspired theme.

And the result is a well-lighted Marquee sign embedded in wild grass with thousands of flowers below it. This makes a good background for taking photos.

Photo Credit: vogue.com

The Maison St~Germain event was attended by famous celebrities and fashion enthusiasts and was making rounds all over social media. Everyone who attended was all glam up which made the event even more fabulous!

Do you know that the Rusty Marquee was the one responsible for the Marquee letter lights for this iconic event? These are made from our standard 12" rust letters with bulbs upgraded to G40 or the round bulbs and a customized tilde. 

The 12" tall Marquee letters with authentic rust finish can be linked to up to 5 signs with just one plug. No technical know-how required and all you have to do is to spot a perfect place to hang your Marquees or even let it stand! These lights can be safely used both indoors and outdoors. 

A garden filled with flowers, disco balls, and light up letters compliment each other to create a gorgeous and classy venue that lives up to the name of St~Germain.

(actual photo from the Rusty Marquee as shared by one of our customers)

Our Marquee lights were used on the flower wall that gives off a source of warm light. It created a rustic vibe that blends harmoniously with the flowers and greens. 

The perfectly installed Marquee signs were pleasing to the eyes and guests can't help but take their photos with these gorgeous light signs! We all know how powerful social media nowadays and St~Germain definitely knows how to market their brand. And with all these photos being shared on Instagram instantly boosts St~Germain as a brand!

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So the next time you plan your event, think of ways on how you can maximize your resources and make your event known to everyone. The trick is to come up with a really nice backdraft that is worth sharing on social media. And having Marquee lights to make your events trend is always a bright idea!