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5 Modern Rustic Home Ideas

November 06, 2018 2 min read

5 Modern Rustic Home Ideas

Our home is a place where we relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. Aside from being a shelter, our home is a special place where we create special memories with our loved ones. That being said, this place should be designed in such a way that is both appealing to every member and also conducive to relaxation. Something that would make anyone excited to come home. 

There are endless possibilities in designing your home. Some prefer the old school look while others would rather embrace the newer home designs. How about a mix of the old and the new? By mixing furniture pieces, you can create a modern rustic vibe that is a hybrid of chic and traditional home styling. Here’s a guide on how to create a modern rustic feel for your own space. 

Carefully Select Handcrafted Furniture

Designing your home with handcrafted materials will give it a unique and refreshing look. Woven candle holders blend smoothly to a modern rustic theme that you are emphasizing. 


Choose and Stick To Your Color Theme

Keep in mind that neutral tones are your key colors in creating a rustic ambiance. Stick to shades of brown, warm beige, and add a hint of some greens for that warm and cozy feel.



Opt For Modern Stools

Since we wanted the old-meets-new home theme, you need to add modern furniture pieces and make sure it creates balance with classic pieces. This modern steel stool creates harmony with the wooden tabletop. 


Invest In Leather Furnishings

Now that we have natural and modern pieces, it’s time to work on something that would never go out of style. A leather couch will add richness to your interior and make it look more sophisticated. 


Modern Lighting Pieces

Instead of using the traditional lights, try to incorporate a modern way of illuminating your place. Industrial lighting can highlight your living room. Adding some old school lamp to side tables is also a good idea. The use of Marquee lights instantly accentuate any part of your house and adds more life to it. It can be a letter, symbol, or even a custom Marquee! Hang it or let it stand on its own and let it give your home some added style.