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Decorating Your Child's Room With Playful Light Up Letters!

March 16, 2015 1 min read

Keeping with the trend of ‘name decor’, we decided to write about decorating a playful children room with letters. Designing with names has to be one of the simplest most common ways of making a child feel special in their home. In many families, small children share gender-neutral bedrooms for years. With the new letter light home decor trend, you can express each child’s personality individually. Customize each area with your children names to make them feel as though they have a place all for themselves.


If you’re thinking of freshening up your child’s bedroom, why not start with something simple like adding their name or initials. There are hundreds of personalized options on The Rusty Marquee for you and your child to choose from. Pick our 20” sans serif letters in shabby chic pink for a little girl or why not try our glossy white 24” letter lights for the more refined home. For boys, try spelling their name in our vintage-inspired rustic lights and give their room that extra shine. I hope our huge selection of finds at The Rusty Marquee will encourage you and your kids to try something different!


Marquee lights add a modern, magical touch to any child’s room. While vintage marquee lights are the ultimate name décor for kids’ rooms, you can also view our symbols and numbers collections as well. We carry everything from rock & roll guitar lights to princess crowns for your own princess. Why not make your child’s eyes sparkle when they see their name in lights.