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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your marquee lights approved for outdoor use?
  •  Yes, every marquee light you see on The Rusty Marquee is approved for both indoor and outdoor use. This includes custom marquee lights as well. 
Can I customize this marquee light?
  •  Of course! Whether you’re looking for small adjustments or a different style all together, we can produce what you need. We can change the shape or finish of any marquee light or create you something completely custom. View our custom marquee light information here: Custom Marquee Lights
What’s the electrical output?
  •  The Rusty Marquee bulbs and string light kits are UL certified. Each 12” marquee comes with C7 intermediate base incandescent bulbs. Marquees 24” and up come with C9 intermediate base incandescent bulbs. Each of our standard bulbs has a 7 watt output allowing for up to 90 bulbs to be strung together to one power source. If you would like to connect more than 90 bulbs to one power source, please email us at info@therustymarquee.com about upgrading to LED bulbs.
How do I connect more than one sign to one power source?
  •  If you purchase multiple characters, we include the correct number of daisy chains.  This will allow you to connect one marquee to the next similar to Christmas string lights.
 Can I upgrade the bulbs?
  •  We offer upgrades for colored bulbs, G40/G50 bulbs, and LED options. If you would like to upgrade your bulb kit prior to ordering, please email info@therustymarquee.com.
 What are your marquees made out of?
  •  Our stocked marquee lights are 20 gauge cold rolled American steel. Custom marquees that are larger than 5 feet are made out of 18 gauge steel with steel reinforcement rods within the back of the sign. Our rust finish is an authentic surface rust finish and we use commercial grade paint for any custom paint orders.
 Do your marquee lights stand on their own?
  •  The bigger the marquee light is the more top heavy it will be. While our smaller flat bottom marquees can balance on their own, free standing marquee lights are not guaranteed. If you need your marquee to free stand, please email us at info@therustymarquee.com and we can quote you for a custom stand/base.
Have a question that was not answered above?
  •  Email info@therustymarquee.com