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Five Tips for Decorating with Marquee Lights

Marquee signs have been around for many generations. In the early 20th century, the flashy lights were commonly used outside of entertainment venues, theaters, restaurants and hotels to catch they eye of any potential customers passing by. Their bulbs were big and bright, quick to draw attention and therefore serve their purpose. While once only used within commercial settings, today marquee lights can be found in many places, including the home. Reminiscent of the past, these oversized marquee fixtures help to add light and vintage-inspired charm to any room. Marquee lights have quickly become the latest craze, and they don’t look to be losing their stylish appeal any time soon. For that reason, the amount and variety of decorative marquee pieces to choose from is enormous, making it easy to find what works best for your individual space.

We’ve pulled together a short list of how to master this year’s hottest home trend, because more than a mere light; they can add instant glamour and chicness to any space. Here are five simple ways to make the most of marquee lights within your home decor!

Tip 1 - Use a single marquee letter as a monogram:

Forget the boring, traditional script of monogram lettering and use a single or multiple marquee lights to represent your first or last name. Celebrate your initials as a couple in your first apartment, a newborn baby’s initials in the nursery or use a single letter to highlight your surname in the family room. These lights can be hung on walls, rested on shelves or really anywhere that you can think of. If you’re feeling extra creative, mix colors and sizes.

Tip 2 - Use letters to define the purpose of a space:

Marquee letters are a type of decoration that can be used all year round to complement a room’s decor. Use marquee lights to play up a space and its purpose. This is one of the most popular ways to use marquee lights, as it really helps to bring a whole room together while adding a touch of flare. For example, spell out the word CLEAN or WASH in the bathroom, COOK or EAT in the kitchen or RELAX in the TV room. A space such as the home office could also benefit from such a decorative feature. This strategy allows you to look for ways to customize letters and shapes so that they express your own style. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination!

Tip 3 - Use letters to add sentiment to any room:

For a classy and sentimental way to use marquee lights, use letters to spell out words that are meaningful to you. Spell out LOVE or FAMILY or LAUGH. In the past, this has commonly been done through sticky wall decals, but marquee lights help to add a bolder, edgier look. Think about it, it would be hard to utter an unhappy word during a family meal with a bright statement such as this one below overhead. Remember, it’s all about being creative!

VML Lights via Pinterest Casa Atelier blog

Tip 4 - Use shapes to add a chic, vintage look to any room:

Use a large shape or symbol marquee light as a statement piece within the home. Really, this could work within any room, but could really bring some extra style to a playroom, den or bar. Above the bar, over the sofa or on a fireplace mantle are all great places to add a focal point, but marquee lights can fit nicely in many different types of spaces and looks.

Tip 5 - Use marquee lights for holidays, special occasions and events:

Although marquee lights can certainly be used year round, they can also be used to decorate for festive events and get-togethers. Bridal showers, anniversary parties or holiday parties are all great ideas. Marquee letters can easily be themed in order to suit a certain holiday or event. For example, use hearts and spell out LOVE for a Valentines Day party, or use stars and spell out NOEL for the Christmas season. If it’s an anniversary party you’re throwing, a simple numeral design would be cute.

Vintage marquee signs recreate glamour with alphabet letter lights or shapes, featuring decorative globe bulbs and a beautiful distressed finish. There’s a huge variety of signs to choose from that will compliment any look you’re going for. Use them as art, or use them as mood lighting. Whether they are turned on or unplugged, marquee signs add a unique, vintage touch to any room.

The Rusty Marquee is a small, family owned business located in the heart of Washington, DC. The Rusty Marquee specializes in metal letters, signs, decor, art, and pretty much anything metal with lights and a bit of rust. Most Marquee letter shops carry only one style of lights. The Rusty Marquee came together to bring various collections to fit any style need. Their shining letters, numbers, and symbols bring instant warmth, charm, and soul into a space. Each light is brand new, but glowing with nostalgia.

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