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36” Large Ampersand “&” Vintage Marquee Sign with Lights (Rustic)

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36” Large Ampersand “&” Vintage Marquee Sign with Lights (Rustic) Information

  • Dimensions: 36" Tall By 30" Wide By 4" deep
  • Link up to 3 signs with just one plug
  • No Assembly Required - Simply find the perfect place to stand or hang
  • Bulbs Included - Plus a few replacements
  • Plugs into any standard 120 Volt U.S.A. outlet
  • Approved for Indoor & Outdoor use


    Aaaaand we’ve got a winner! This large 36-inch ampersand ‘&’ marquee sign is just the right size for winners like you. Big, bold, and extravagant, every bulb radiates a warm glow that’s sure to impress your customers and guests. Let everyone know you mean business, and delight each person at every moment with the perfect ambiance. This piece also works perfectly at special events and parties, where each piece has got to shine!

    Buy one as a decorative centerpiece or mix and match with our other 36-inch large marquee letters to bring out the best look for your establishment. Each piece is carefully crafted from pre-rusted metal, so you’re sure to get the fully authentic old-fashioned rustic package!

    • Pre-rusted, metal marquee symbol lights
    • Styled after vintage movie theater marquee signs which date back to 1926
    • Once considered "electric tiaras", marquee lighted signs are still the ultimate expression of stardom.
    • Marquee lights work like other lamps. Just screw the bulb and sockets in, plug into an outlet, and enjoy. Unplug and re-arrange to form your favorite words, expressions, or monograms.
    • Indoor/Outdoor illuminated icons are perfect for commercial venues, special events, trend-setting abodes, or as props.
    • ± Key Uses Include:
      • Wedding Decor
      • Teen Bedroom Design
      • Party Welcome Signs
      • Bar Signs
      • Restaurant Signage
      • Showroom Decor
      • Pool/Patio Lighting

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